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*Final Call* NVHG-NAV Annual symposium

Dear NVHG members,

Following our third announcement of the annual NVHG-NAV symposium (which will take place September 21 & 22 in Veldhoven), we would like to inform you that registration through the website closes after the 14th of September.

If you have not registered yet, please do so as soon as possible through http://www.nvhg-nav.nl/inschrijfformulier2daags.aspx.

Kindly note that an extra amount of € 15 will be charged (for registration after 8th September)!

If you wish to register after 14th September please contact Henny Schurmann-Crijnen, henny.schurmann@mumc.nl, as registration is still possible however without guarantee of hotel room(s).

Please find attached the final version of the program.

On site registrants will receive a "Program book" with details of the meeting, the names of our sponsors and the program incl. copies of the abstracts of the NVHG-invited speakers.
All other abstracts are available as download from the NVHG website only.

For poster presenters, the format of the poster boards is 2 meter (height) x 1 meter (width). Please put up your poster upon arrival and do not forget to take them down after the last session.

During our NVHG-NAV Annual symposium in Veldhoven the ‘Algemene Ledenvergadering’ will take place on Friday 22 September starting 12h45.
For your information please find hereby the agenda, minutes of the ALV 2016, approval of the financial committee, the annual account 2016 and budget 2017.

Follow the NVHG website (www.NVHG-NAV.nl) for the most actual information on this symposium.